Separation of Religion and State—Part 3

Abraham, representing at that time the church of Christ, being thus totally separated by the Lord from every State and country on the earth, there is thus shown to all people, as an original truth of the Gospel of Christ, that there should be total separation of Church and State, and that the church of Christ can never have any country in the world.

Biblical Fundamentalism

The Advantage of Biblical Fundamentalism       It is always pleasing to discover writings of a time where truth was still held high, where the banner of Christ was lifted above the misinformation and dissembling of the “wise men” of society.  Here is one of the most thought provoking articles I have seen for a long […]


 THE GREAT APOSTASY, OR THE FALLING AWAY. Its Prediction—Fulfillment—The Sealing of the Covenant—The Test of Doctrine.     We have seen in past papers that Jesus and the apostles did not change the Sabbath; that the early Christians, whether converted from the Jews or the Gentiles, observed the creation Sabbath, and understood that it spoke, too, of […]

Toleration verses Liberty

The American View of Toleration verses True Liberty Love, not Force      True and intelligent Christians will never seek to control the religious or nonreligious opinions of even a single man, save by the law of love and the method of persuasion and reason.  They know in their own experience that Christ did not […]

Thomas Jefferson’s Prophecy

THE JEFFERSON PROPHECY      “Besides, the spirit of the times may alter, will alter.  Our rulers will become corrupt; our people careless.  A single zealot may commence persecution, and better men be his victims.  It can not too often be repeated that the time for fixing every essential right on a legal basis is while […]