Separation of Religion and State—Part 3

Abraham, representing at that time the church of Christ, being thus totally separated by the Lord from every State and country on the earth, there is thus shown to all people, as an original truth of the Gospel of Christ, that there should be total separation of Church and State, and that the church of Christ can never have any country in the world.

Guns, Sunday Laws, and Silvia Allen’s American “Moral Rebirth”

All responsible, liberty loving Americans should vigorously oppose any action of a meddling government that tends to deprive the rights of its citizens.   Oh, how soon we have forgotten Patrick Henry’s words: “Liberty—the greatest of all earthly blessings — give us that precious jewel, and you may take everything else!”1 And what of Religious Liberty?  How long can […]

Hungary’s New Sunday Closing Laws …

…And Her Inevitable Ruin. It is always tragic to observe the corrupting influences of church pressuring state, hastening the demise of the pure gospel of Jesus Christ. Hungary has been no exception. A Brief Christian History of Hungary n Hungary, both the Waldensian and the Hussite Movement had a great number of followers, several of whom were martyred for their faith.  The […]