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Header-Image.jpgA Friendly Note To All Who Land Here

 As publishers of this website, we: 

  • Believe in civil government and in the importance of religion.
  • Believe that the Christian church and organized civil government are both of divine origin.
  • Believe that the Christian church was established by God for man’s spiritual welfare, and that civil government was ordained by divine authority to protect all men in the exercise of their natural rights.
  • Believe that both civil and religious government should operate in distinct spheres, and that the realm of one is in no sense the sphere of the other.  We are opposed to a union of church and state, or as some put it, a union of religion and the state.  We are opposed to a union with the state of any church or any combination of churches.

Also, we firmly stand that:

  • The written Word of God, consisting of the Old and New Testaments, is of divine authority, and as interpreted to the individual by the Holy Spirit, that Word is a sufficient rule of faith apart from tradition or creed.
  • Justification by faith in the merits and atoning work of Christ, apart from any works of the flesh, is a fundamental truth of the gospel.  Such justification may be apprehended directly by faith of the repentant sinner.
  • The one true sacrifice for sin was offered on Calvary when “Christ died for our sins.”  It is sufficient now to accept the sacrifice already made, without the vain attempt to repeat it, as in “the sacrifice of the mass.”
  • Those who depart this life enter into a state of unconscious rest, represented in the Scriptures as a sleep, where they remain until the resurrection.  All appeals to them, and all efforts to change their condition by relieving them from the just reward of their deeds, are not scriptural and totally fruitless.
  • The merits of Christ are the only, and the sufficient ground for the sinner’s acceptance with God.  The doctrine of “the superabundant satisfactions of the saints,” and of the authority of any church over them, is a human invention.
  • The true head of the church is Christ.  There is no Scriptural authority for teaching that He has appointed any one man, or a lineage of men to take His place as the visible head of His church.
  • The Scriptural doctrine of “the real presence” is that the Holy Spirit is Christ’s representative, and that He dwells in the heart by faith.
  • Worship is due to God alone, and is rendered to Him acceptably through Jesus Christ without the use of pictures or images, relics or other human inventions.
  • Since the typical service of the earthly sanctuary was taken away at the first advent, Christ has been “a minister of the sanctuary, and of the true tabernacle, which the Lord pitched not man.”  The establishing of another sacrificial service, such as the mass, is in effect the taking away of the heavenly ministry and the substituting of an earthly ministry in its place.
  • The seventh-day of the week (commonly called Saturday) is the Sabbath of the Lord thy God—the true Lord’s Day spoken of by the apostle John while on the Isle of Patmos.  It is a literal day, sanctified for all mankind by God, since Creation. It is a sign of His Creative power—a memorial.  It is a day to “Remember”, as written by His own finger—the fourth Commandment in His Law—the Ten Commandments—on tables of stone—not like the feast days of Israel’s ceremonial laws—hung outside the Ark of the Covenant.  Other days of the 7 day week cycle are mere work days, and that man’s tradition is in play when Sunday, the first-day of the week day is observed for the worshiping the true God, who command that men shall rest on the seventh-day and keep it holy.

In summary, we whole heartily approve the poet Coleridge when he said:

Tolerate no belief which you deem false and of injurious tendency, but arraign no believer.  The man is more and other than his belief; God only knows how large or how small a part of him the belief in question may be.


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