America’s Gathering Storm

931294161A Special Constitutional Report on the Coming Religio—Political  Crisis

    But first;  the truth about TRUTH—an introduction to the One “who will have all men to be saved, and to come unto the knowledge of the truth.” — 1 Timothy 2:4

What you are about to read in this column series will probably astound you, possibly even make you a bit angry.  But I assure you, if you are looking for clear, present truth1 about the future of our beloved country, America, you have landed on the right page.  You will not regret it!  While the culturally relevant skeptics may scoff with Pilate, “What is truth?,”2  we say by faith that: —

  • Truth is Christ and Christ withheld no truth from His children.
  • His truth is essential to mankind’s salvation.
  • Truth is made clear and dear in God’s Word, the Bible and His creation around us—despite the effects of sin.
  • And perhaps most importantly, truth is always exemplified in the character of the true Christian and beholder of Christ, The Truth.

The Bible reminds us that, “Ye shall know them by their fruits.” 3  In other words, “Actions are more precious than words.”  But even then, with so much evidence found in the Word of God, in His creation, through His providence, and by the influence of His Spirit, Truth is overlooked by the teaming multitudes who are searching for some other kind of peace; some other purpose in life.  Sadly, many don’t realize their very need of the Truth they’ve overlooked, neglected, rejected, denied, or trample upon.  Jesus said, “I am the Way the Truth, and the Life.” 4  Do you believe that friend?

Men can comprehend New truth (New Testament) only as they understand the old fundamental principles (God’s Law) laid out in the Old Testament of God’s Word.  In the New Testament, Christ and His followers relied upon the Old—and we should rely upon Him—we are to “follow the Lamb whithersoever He goeth,” 5 even if it means belief in, or asking “for the old paths.” 6

Noah Webster-Pope Fracis

While the modernist or progressive will scream, “Foul!  You’re just another fundamentalist.” (This is a favorite, Jesuit re-framing tactic, which the current Pope often uses, in an attempt to redefine the old meaning of “fundamentalism”, which meant “a Christian; well grounded on a solid Biblical foundation”.)

Public opinion may be easily swayed into a frenzy.  Emotions can run up like a high fever.  But, here in this series, we’ll not budge from the Truth.  In this column of reports, we will stand on solid, prophetic principles that are firm as a rock.  Truths that are as pure steel.  Truths that have been fulfilled by the blood of Christ, and of Christian martyrs.  We will be controlled by Biblical principles, not by polity, or church policy; clear facts, not by feelings.  Fundamental truth must be held firmly with the grip of faith.   Many people dare not act from truth for fear of criticism, but no man or woman can be true to Biblical principle without exciting opposition, “Yea, and all that will live godly in Christ Jesus shall suffer persecution.”7

The work of reform in Christian churches today must be carried forward by courageous individuals who have developed personal Biblical principles based on the Truth, not anchored upon vacillating man.

Stark religious legislation, which ultimately yields to trampling the conscious is the approaching storm on America’s horizon.  The rest of the world will follow suit.  But know, in keeping with Biblical principles, your conscious belongs to God alone.  Unfortunately today, well meaning, misguided political leaders, are driven by the pressing dogmas and dictates of large religious institutions and the popular vote.  People get emotionally worked-up by their pastor or priest, and Truth gets left behind.  Scripture predicts that true religious freedoms will be trampled upon.

If you are reading this because you want to rediscover the pure, prophetic light of Truth (The Revelation of Jesus Christ), lost down through the ages, then praise God; you are on the right path.  Whether you are a Christian or not, we hope that you will find the information  packed within this series, a valuable blessing for you and your family.


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2  John 18:38

3  Matthew 7:16  (The fruits of the Spirit of Jesus Christ Himself.)

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